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Tue, Feb 14 2023 | Leadership Filling the Employee Experience Gap with SAP SuccessFactors and MakeShift

Learn how MakeShift Scheduling integrates with SAP® SuccessFactors® to upgrade your employee experience.

While a competitive salary and killer benefits will always attract top talent, in the end, what makes them stick around is an exceptional employee experience.

Often, it’s a deciding factor when employees consider whether to stay with a company or hit the road.

Cultivating a positive and engaging employee experience creates an environment where your employees feel valued, motivated, and excited to come to work each day.

This can boost job satisfaction, loyalty, and engagement, which results in higher productivity and improved business performance.

SAP® SuccessFactors® and MakeShift Scheduling get the importance of employee experience. And they’ve partnered to make it even better.

Let’s talk more about that by covering:

Are You Aware of the Gap in Employee Experience?

Employee experience gap

Many businesses woo prospective employees and pour all their energy into recruitment, onboarding, and training.

Once a new employee is trained and on the job, more often than not, the employee experience fizzles. Not enough thought is put into how to make their entire employee life cycle great.

This is the gap in the employee experience.

There’s such an opportunity with a fully trained employee to curate an ongoing employee experience that’ll boost morale, productivity, and retention.

Much to our relief, there’s now an evolutionary improvement to the overall employee experience — which considers staff’s needs to help balance their work and life.

Shift workers should be a priority in the move to improve employee experience due to the harmful effects long-term shift work can have on them.

20 million Americans, 1 in 5 employed persons, work in shift industrie

20 million Americans, 1 in 5 employed persons, work in shift industries. Many of those shift workers are logging long hours in the healthcare system, which takes its toll.

The research on the impact of shiftwork speaks for itself — particularly in women and minorities:

  • Women who work more than 10 years of rotating night shift work have a 15 - 18% increased risk of developing coronary heart disease (the most common type of heart disease) compared to women who don’t work regular rotating night shifts.
  • Black women have an increased risk of developing diabetes — According to a Diabetologia study, 17% for 1 to 2 years of night shift work, 23% for 3 to 9 years, and 42% for 10 + years.

And it’s no secret that shift work impacts employees’ lives in the areas of:

shift work impacts employees’ lives

  • Mental health33% increase in the risk of symptoms of depression
  • Physical health — Increased risk of health problems, such as digestive upsets, obesity, and heart disease.
  • Well-being — Shift work can disrupt sleep and circadian timing and is linked with an increased risk of sleep problems.
  • Work-life balance — It can be stressful for the family to have to adapt activities to the shift plan of the working family member. This can result in a lower quality of life and relationship problems.

What’s causing these symptoms of a toxic employee experience?

We believe it’s chaotic staff scheduling — that desperately needs a solution.

How to Bridge the Gap in Shiftworkers’ Staff Scheduling

Let’s use the healthcare industry to paint you a picture.

Healthcare has been notorious for chaotic scheduling, disorganized communication around the subject, and manual scheduling methods that aren’t employee-centric.

And it shows.

It shows in the droves of healthcare workers fleeing the industry due to exhaustion from excessive overtime, no say in their schedules, and the drain on their mental health.

And after the pandemic, more and more employees are just saying no to a subpar work environment.

Integrating scheduling software to create and manage your staff scheduling drastically improves your employee’s experience by giving them a voice in their work schedule.

Interactive scheduling software allows employees to post their availability, trade shifts, and access their schedules on the go.

This type of scheduling meshes with their lives and creates more work-life balance.

In other words, innovative people-first scheduling is a crucial piece of a stellar employee experience.

MakeShift Scheduling Is Now an SAP® SuccessFactors® Partner

MakeShift Scheduling is now a proud partner with SAP® SuccessFactors® — offering an elevated employee experience through cloud-based, intuitive scheduling available in the SAP® Store.

Gartner Digital Markets recognizes MakeShift as a Top Employee Scheduling Software for its ease of use, robust functionality, and top-notch customer support.

Originally developed to help fix the broken healthcare staff scheduling system, MakeShift was designed from a people-first approach which sets it apart from other scheduling solutions.

When it comes to integrating MakeShift scheduling with SAP® SuccessFactors® you’ve got options — customize the combo to best suit your needs.

1. Use SAP® SuccessFactors® + MakeShift for scheduling AND time & attendance tracking.

SAP® SuccessFactors® + MakeShift

2. Use SAP® SuccessFactors® + MakeShift for scheduling + SAP® SuccessFactors® Time Tracking for time & attendance.

SAP® SuccessFactors® + MakeShift for scheduling + SAP® SuccessFactors® Time Tracking

Our award-winning features that seamlessly integrate with SAP® SuccessFactors® are:

  • Shift swapping, time-off requests, and employee availability — Allows employees to set their availability and make changes to their schedules as needed.  

Shift swapping, time-off requests, and employee availability

  • Streamline schedule management  — Automate scheduling, manage shift swaps, and approve time off requests on the fly.

Streamline schedule management

  • Level up your team communication — Send push notifications to your entire team. Your team can easily communicate in the app to post shift swaps or snag an available shift.

Level up your team communication

MakeShift scheduling combined with SAP® SuccessFactors® can help you manage the time, attendance, and scheduling needs of all your employees while optimizing their experience.

Why MakeShift is Doubling Down with SAP® SuccessFactors® to Put Employee Experience First

With labor shortages and high turnover rates, improving your employee experience should be a top priority for your business.

The pandemic changed the focus for many employees — well-being and flexibility are front and center.

Cutting-edge technology like SAP® and MakeShift can positively impact recruitment, retention, engagement, and employee happiness.

What can an improved employee experience mean for your business?

  • Increased productivity
  • Engaged staff to help your company grow
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • A more motivated and loyal team
  • Reduced staff turnover

The People-First Approach of Both Solutions Creates a Dynamic Duo

MakeShift is a powerful staff scheduling solution that integrates seamlessly with SAP® SuccessFactors® to provide intelligent scheduling for teams of all sizes.

Build schedules faster, cut labor costs, and better communicate with your staff to drive engagement and retention.

SAP® SuccessFactors® has evolved into Human Experience Management (HXM), providing you with tools to enhance employee engagement.

These tools apply throughout the employee lifecycle, which perfectly pairs with MakeShift’s people-first approach to scheduling.

MakeShift uses innovative features to make staff scheduling more interactive and engaging. This cuts out the clunkiness of manual processes and allows employees to have a role in schedule management.

SAP® BTP Integration Suite And Intelligent Services

Whether you’re already an SAP® customer using BTP or new to the SAP® ecosystem, MakeShift provides prebuilt iFlows in the SAP Business Technology Platform integration suite.

This allows customers to fast-track implementation of their SAP® SuccessFactors® (SFSF) and MakeShift systems integration.

MakeShift’s iFlow package for SFSF integration comes pre-configured for rapid deployment and includes:

  • SFSF Foundation Table sync for organizational data such as legal entity, business unit, division, location, department, cost centers, and more, mirroring the table structure in SuccessFactors® for ease of configuration.
  • SFSF Employee Profile & Job Information, including designating employee role-based permission for easy management in MakeShift.
  • Intelligent services to seamlessly manage new hire and termination processing in real-time from event-based triggers in SuccessFactors®.

MakeShift will continue to invest in expanding our SAP® BTP iFlow packages with Payroll, S/4HC, Qualtrics, and even other partners in the SAP® ecosystem.


Because the best-run companies use SAP® and run their data orchestration and integrations with SAP® BTP.

Elevate Employee Experience With People First Scheduling

The combo of SAP SuccessFactors® and MakeShift enables you to understand and continuously improve every aspect of your employee experience.

SAP provides real-time manager insights to improve the employee experience.

And incorporating MakeShift for scheduling, shift swaps, time off requests, and team communication through a user-friendly UI and intuitive mobile app empowers both employees and managers.  

Check out MakeShift today, available on SAP® Store. 


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Asher Fredricks

Written By: Asher Fredricks

Asher has been helping businesses improve their staff scheduling and human capital management systems for over 4 years. Before setting out to improve HR departments with people-first initiatives and technologies, he earned his MBA in Business Management.