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Fri, Sep 17 2021 | MakeShift Safer Workplace Scheduling with MakeShift's COVID-19 Vaccine Status Tracking Feature

Companies across North America are implementing mandatory vaccination policies. Managers need a PainFree™ way to track and schedule staff based on their vaccination status.

Did you know all businesses in the US with more than 100 employees will be required to ensure staff is vaccinated or have tested negative for COVID-19 weekly?

Does your scheduling system support private and painless vaccine status tracking for your teams?

You have likely seen specific requirements for record-keeping, staff vaccination, and modified business hours wherever you run your business.

This issue hits close to home, as much of the MakeShift team is in Calgary, Alberta. Our province has just had to reimplement work from home orders as well as vaccine status tracking for customers at non-essential businesses across the province.

MakeShift is offering extended free trials to its scheduling app and vaccination tracking feature to help businesses comply with mandates and keep their teams connected in a safe way - all while respecting staff privacy and choices.

We are committed to taking the stress out of these recent changes for our customers.

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Vaccine Status and COVID-19 Test Results

With MakeShift's new vaccine status tracking feature, managers gain clear visibility into their workforces' vaccination status, allowing managers to plan for a variety of scenarios and schedule the right employees to maintain a safe and healthy workplace.

Note: Employee vaccine status is only visible to managers.


PeopleFirstTM Scheduling for Hybrid

Securing Employee Vaccine Status and COVID-19 Test Result Information

This is likely the first time you have had to manage a team in a pandemic. Figuring out how to comply with mandates while treating your staff in a respectful (and legal way) is a new challenge. This article: Consider These Steps When Asking Employees About Vaccination Status from the Society for Human Resource Management outlines three principles and clarifies what you can legally ask.

1) Limit the Inquiry
You may have legitimate business reasons to ask employees about their vaccination status, but be careful not to dig too deep into any inquiry

Employers should avoid making medical inquiries that could run afoul of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Asking for proof of a COVID-19 vaccination is permissible under the ADA because it is not likely to prompt the employee to provide disability-related information.

2) Maintain Confidentiality
Any documentation or other confirmation that employees provide about their vaccination status is considered medical information and must be kept confidential.

The best way to address employee privacy concerns is to communicate that records will be strictly confidential.

3) Keep Policies Updated
Federal, state and local authorities are adjusting their COVID-19 requirements regularly, which can have an impact o the business reasons why you might need to know an employee's vaccination status.

Be sure to keep up with the rules in your jurisdiction. he said. Establish a process for tracking vaccination status, and make sure you're not making inquiries beyond what's necessary.

Fixed policies and practices will be tough as the pandemic plays out, you'll need to be nimble and remain nimble. Book a demo to see learn how MakeShift can help with employee vaccination tracking.

Watch the video below to see how MakeShift keeps tracking from becoming taxing. 

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PeopleFirstTM Scheduling for Hybrid Workforces

With people returning to the office, even businesses with limited interaction between their staff and the public need to implement systems to keep their people safe while sharing spaces and maintaining productivity in a hybrid work environment.

"Shifts" are becoming the norm for office-based businesses as staffers decide to come into the office, work from home, or do some combination of the two.

MakeShift's proven mobile-friendly scheduling works seamlessly for an office workforce. Each staff member can opt-in for office time or identify when they are working offsite all through their mobile phone.

To keep your teams in sync, staff can see who else is scheduled to be in the office and who is working remotely to coordinate valuable in-person work and meetings.

See how MakeShift makes hybrid work scheduling PeopleFirst

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