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Payroll used to take me an entire day. Now, with MakeShift and the ADP® integration, it is a fraction of that. Because we have so many locations, it was easy in the past to miss someone or enter inaccurate information. That rarely happens anymore. Without MakeShift our lives would be much more complicated!

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TheSourceSummaryWith its roots firmly entrenched in North America’s snowboarding and skateboarding heritage, The Source has grown from the bottom up combining fashion with fun and a punk rock approach to business to become one of Canada's premier lifestyle retailers.

With two retail concepts, multiple locations, and a young dynamic workforce, The Source needed a solution that fit their culture. MakeShift's PainFree™ scheduling app put schedules in people’s pockets cutting miss shifts to almost nil. Managers rave about how ADP® payroll integration cut administrative time and data errors significantly.

The Challenge

SourceForWebWith two companies, four brick-and-mortar stores, two online stores and a warehouse, The Source was struggling to have the right people, in the right place, at the right time. Before integrating payroll and scheduling, managers were spending two full days every month on scheduling and payroll, taking time away from running the business. Organizing a young workforce that was ripping between the mountains, the stores and the skatepark meant static schedules wouldn’t fly.

The Source was looking for a system that would:
• Reduce the time it took to turn employee schedules into payroll.
• Let managers see where staff was working in real-time, all the time.
• Have hours and budgets in their pocket through a mobile-first solution.
• Assign budgeted hours to store managers to be allocated accordingly.
• Prevent payroll errors resulting from unintegrated time and payroll solutions.
• Eliminate missed shifts with better communication and employee-powered shift swapping.

What would your sports or recreation business look like with PainFree™ scheduling?


SoftwareSnowValleyWhy The Source Chose MakeShift

MakeShift flipped the scheduling script for The Source. For a young and active workforce that was either in the skate parks or the mountains when they weren't working, real-time, mobile scheduling was key.

Here are some of the key reasons why The Source chose MakeShift:

• Integrates seamlessly with ADP, auto-populating relevant employee
details. This eliminates data duplication and provides consistent, accurate information to employees.
• Provides granular visibility and control over scheduling, including the ability to set labour budgets and see wage costs per week.
• PeopleFirst™ design with drag-and-drop functionality makes it very easy to use for managers.
• Empowers employees to pick, drop, swap, and manage their own schedules.
• MakeShift’s one-to-one support is readily available and always
there to help.

The Results

The Source is stoked with the time and money MakeShift saves them. With seamless ADP integration payroll now takes a fraction of the time it did before. Employees love an enhanced employee experience that puts their schedules in their pockets; and control over their schedules right at their fingertips. No more hassles, no more errors, no more missed shifts. Boom!

Some of the core improvements the Source team now enjoy:

Managers Employees
  • Managing staff across all locations is now PainFree™. They can see where everyone is working at a glance.
  • “Mobile Managing” is their new reality. Leaders can see hours and budgets live on their phones.
  • From schedules to payroll with a click. Less time. Fewer errors.
  • Ability to know their schedules on the go. See when they are working and who they are working with, even when they are out and about.
  • Buttery smooth onboarding, one less thing to learn when getting hired.
  • More control to pick, drop, and swap shifts right from their mobile device.
  • Analytics allow for General Managers to refine their budgets to keep labour costs in check. 



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